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Ялта Ялта Ялта

Located on the southern tip of the Crimean peninsula, Yalta is spectacularly surrounded like an amphitheater by the Crimean Mountains with the peak of Mt. Ai-Petri (St. Peter) towering above. The scent of mountain pine forests and sea breezes is famous for its curable properties.

For centuries it has lured millions of people with its mild climate, stunning natural surroundings, warm sea, and relaxed artistic atmosphere. Yalta was historically a crossroads of different cultures — from the ancient Tauri, Huns, and Scythians, to the Greeks and Tartars, to the Russians and Ukrainians. The delightful climate and diverse history provide guests with opportunities of both sea-and-sun relaxation and extensive sightseeing. Visitors can choose to roam palaces of Emperors and noblemen from a previous age, taste delectable wines at world-renowned wineries, stroll through exotic botanical gardens, discover history at enlightening museums, or simply do nothing but relax and enjoy their marvelous surroundings on the waterfront or in one of the many parks.