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Port facts

Harbor open: 24 hours.
Maximum ship dimensions for berth length: 240 m, (280 m weather permitting).
Width: no restrictions.
Draught: 9 m.
Air draught: no restrictions.
Anchorage available: yes.
Anchorage compulsory: no.
Ships tenders allowed: no.
Pilotage compulsory: yes.
Tugs available: yes.
Tidal movement/range: none.
Clearance time: 20-30 min.
Clearance procedure: according to actual laws.
Ship stay minimum: no restrictions.
Ship stay maximum: no restrictions.
Number of quays: 5.
Total quay length: 966 m.
Quay depth: 9 m.
Passenger terminal: yes.
Repair: no.
Bunkering: no.
Garbage disposal: no.
Water: yes.
Provisions: yes.
Forwarding: yes.
Banking at pier/terminal: yes.
Distance city center:
0.2 km.
Distance airport:
100 km.
Distance railway station:
78 km.

Useful facts

Region: The Autonomous Republic of Crimea.
Local population: 100,000.
First language: Russian.
Second language: Ukrainian.
Time (GMT): +2 hrs (summer: +3 hrs).
Currency: Ukrainian Hrivniya.
Banking hours: 09-00—17-00.
Credit cards accepted: yes.
Travelers checks: yes.
US$: no, currency exchange widely available.
Shuttle service: yes.
Taxis: yes.

National Holidays, 2008

January 1 — New Year's Day.
January 7 — Christmas.
March 8 — International Women's Day.
April 27 — Easter Day.
May 1-2 — May Day.
May 9 — Victory Day.
June 11 — Trinity Day.
July 28 — Constitution Day.
August 24 — Independence Day



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