The Symbols of Yalta

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The Symbols of Yalta

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Duration: 3 hours

Walking: moderate

Venues visited: Livadia Palace, Observation Platform over the Swallow’s Nest


Drive to one of the best observation platforms of the South coast to see first and foremost symbol of Yalta and the Crimea – Swallow’s Nest Castle. Take pictures of Swallow’s Nest, hanging over the sea on a 38 meter high rock. Then visit the place that made Yalta famous all over the World - Livadia Palace. This palace, built in the Italian Renaissance style, was the favourite summer residence of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II. It was also the venue of the Yalta (Crimean) Conference in 1945. See the Great White Hall, where the fate of post-war Europe was decided in 1945.

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