Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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Jeep Tour - The Wonders of the Crimean Landscape

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Duration: 6 hours

Walking: moderate


You have a chance to explore the Crimean Peninsula’s wild mountainous interior on a 4WD safari. Board your 4WD vehicles at the pier and proceed along the Black Sea coast. Turn inland and ascend rough tracks to the summit of Demerdzhi Mountain, enjoying the views of the Alushta Amphitheatre. The windy road will take you the most scenic mountain of Crimea – Demerdzhi. You will have a chance to see the unique stone erosion shapes “St. Cathrine’s Head”, “Stone Mushrooms”, “The Valley of Ghosts”. Explore the Valley of the Ghosts with its landscape of towering cliffs and pinnacles, rock walls and freestanding pillars. You will also visit the remains of the medieval 14th century fortress of Funa.  After a short visit to the fortress, reboard your vehicle and continue your exploration of the Crimean  woodland scenery passing by “The Fairy-Tale Forest”, the salubrious “Yubileinyi Spring” (Jubilee Spring), the giant 500 year old beech-tree, named “Nightingale-the-Brigand” (“Solovei-Razboinik”), Tsar’s hunting preserve and neighbouring mountains.

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