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Discover Trabzon

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Duration: Approximately 5 Hours

Activity: Moderate

Venues visited: St. Sophia Museum, Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, Citadel by Selim I Yavuz, Yeni Cuma Cami (“New Friday Mosque”), Boztepe Hill


This tour is to introduce you to the city of Trabzon. The first stop will be St. Sophia Museum, which was a church built by the Commenos family in the 13th century, and then converted into a mosque in the 16th century finally converted into a museum in 1957. Proceed on to the Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, built in 1507 below and to the west of the citadel by Selim I Yavuz for his mother, who is also buried here. This holy mosque is the oldest building in the town to have always functioned as a Muslim house of prayer (other older buildings were only later converted into mosques). Then you will continue to the Yeni Cuma Cami, the “New Friday Mosque”. This building, actually older than the Gulbahar Mosque, was originally built as a church, called the Christian Church of Eugenios that was burned down in 1340. A “new” cruciform church was built on the same spot and later converted into a mosque after the conquest. This building is adorned with some of the finest examples of Ottoman calligraphy art. You will also visit Boztepe Hill, an eminence 740 feet high to the south of the town.

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