Sochi Sights and Russian Tea Tasting Ceremony

Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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Sochi Sights and Russian Tea Tasting Ceremony

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Duration: 4 hours

Walking: moderate


This short tour enables the visitor to view a fully working tea plantation and sample the delights of Russian tea. Leaving the seaport, your bus will travel for 30 minutes west along the Black Sea coastline and high up into the hills of Dagomys. Situated 13 miles from Sochi, Dagomys is Russia's tea capital and also a favoured holiday resort. Along the journey, you will enjoy stunning views of greater Sochi, the sea and the mountains from a viewpoint on the slopes of Mount Armyanka. Upon arrival at the Dagomys plantation you will have short lecture on tea-growing in Russia.

Then you will continue your journey toward the Tea Chalet. You will be invited to sample tea grown at the plantations along with homemade pies and other culinary delights. The highlight of the trip is a short presentation of Russian folklore performed by a local dance ensemble. There will be time for a quick look at the small souvenir stall before walking back to your coach.


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