Sochi City Sights

Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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Sochi City Sights

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Duration: 4 hours

Walking: moderate


Discover the highlights of Sochi and one of its major attractions – the Botanical Gardens, also known as Dendrarium or Arboretum. Departing the pier, you will drive along the scenic Black Sea coast and head for the mineral springs at Matsesta, the origin of the local spa development. The mineral springs at Matsesta draw thousands of visitors each year who come here to enjoy the water’s curative properties. You will make a short stop to visit one of the bathhouses before continuing with your drive to the Botanical Gardens.

The gardens are located about one mile south of the town center. During a 45-minute walking tour, you will be able to enjoy their beauty and see a selection of the thousands of different species of trees and shrubs found in the gardens. The upper part features Mediterranean, Far Eastern, Himalayan, Australian and American sections as well as an area with plants indigenous to the Caucasus. Leaving the Dendrarium, you will head back into town for a sightseeing drive during which your guide will point out major highlights.


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