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Khan’s Palace and Uspensky Monastery

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Duration: 4.5 hours

Walking: moderate


Venues visited: Khan’s Palace, Uspenski Orthodox Cave Monastery


This tour will bring you to the city of Bakhchisaray - once the capital of the mighty Crimean Khanate. Bakhchisaray, translated as “The Palace of Gardens” was founded in the first half of XVI century. The city lies on the bank of the river Churuk Sou.

Upon arrival you will visit Khan’s Palace built as the new residence by the Crimean Khan Sahib I Giray in 1532 by slaves and craftsmen from Iran and Turkey. It is a vivid example of Tartar Culture in the Crimea. Now it houses the Local Lore & Architecture Museum.

  A mile from Bakhchisaray the coach will bring you to the Uspenski (Assumption) Orthodox Cave Monastery founded in 15th century. You will climb up to the monastery, cut in the rock, for an interior visit and get a spectacular view of the valley where it is located. It is interesting, that the Crimean Khans, despite the fact that they were Muslims, used to bring rich gifts to it.



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