Highlights of Sevastopol

Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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Highlights of Sevastopol

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Duration: 4.5 hours

Walking: moderate


Venues visited: Panorama Museum, Chersonesus, Prymorsky Boulevard and Nakhimov Square


The first highlight of the tour is Panorama - a historical museum, which was opened in 1905 on the 50-th anniversary of the defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War. The museum houses a magnificent (115 meters long, 14 meters high) canvas by the famous Russian battle artist F. Roubaud.

The picture depicts the first main assault of Sevastopol on the 18th of June 1855. The circular canvas merges into the 900 sq. m. relief model. You will rise on the observation platform in the middle of the hall and find yourself more than 150 years back on top of Malakhov Hill during one of the fiercest and decisive battles of the Crimean war.

Then drive through the city to St Vladimir Cathedral and the ancient Greek city of Chersonesus - best preserved archeological sight. The city, founded by ancient Greeks in 422 BC., played an important role in both Crimean and Russian history. You will see the magnificent ruins, including a Greek theatre, Roman temples, fortifications, elaborate columns of marble and beautiful mosaics. From the ruins, you proceed to the Archaeological Museum, located on the territory of the ancient city. Visit the impressive St. Vladimir Cathedral built in the 19th century and recently restored.

From Chersonesus your coach goes to City Center - Prymorsky Boulevard and Nakhimov Square. Walk along the Prymorsky Boulevard and take pictures at the Nakhimov Square and Grafskaya Quay, from where the ships of the Russian Navy can be seen.


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