Crimean Tatar Heritage

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Crimean Tatar Heritage

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Duration: 7,5 hours

Walking: moderate


Venues visited: Khan’s Palace, Cultural Ethnographic Centre “Kokluz”


Drive to Bakhchisaray - once the capital of the mighty Crimean Khanate. Bakhchisaray, translated as “The Palace of Gardens”. In 15th, 16th centuries Bakhchisaray became the center and the capital of the Crimean Khanate. Khan’s palace was built here in 1532-51, by slaves and craftsmen from Iran and Turkey. Now it houses the local History and Architecture Museum.

Then take a drive to Bogatoye Ushelie (The Bounty Gorge) village, that lies in the heart of Crimean Mountains in the valley amidst broadleaf forests and juniper groves. There, not far from the village mosque, beside the lower ridge of Mount Koba-Kaya you will visit the historic Crimean Tatar Inn and Cultural Ethnographic Centre “Kokluz”. The owners of the Estate-Inn invite you to be their guests, to travel back in time and experience the traditional atmosphere of a 19th century Crimean Tatar house.

The host will show you around the house and welcome you to special Coffee room for the coffee ceremony. There you will see how Crimean Tatar people make coffee from the best available coffee-beans. While the host is grinding coffee-beans you will listen to the story about the origin of coffee and the history of coffee in the Crimean Tatar tradition.

Then you will be offered the traditional delicious and succulent Crimean Tatar lunch served open-air in the inner yard.

En-route to Sevastopol you will be able to see picturesque landscapes of inner range of the Crimean Mountains.



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