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Odessa Catacombs

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Duration: 3 hours

Walking: moderate

Venues visited: Nerubayskoye town, World War II catacombs

Boarding your air-conditioned motor coach make your way out of the city through the countryside, passing small villages, farms, and gardens in the environs of Odessa to Nerubayskoye, a town built as a southern Cossack fortress at the end of the 18th century. Enter the labyrinthine underground interior of the famed catacombs, which were first made to provide the city with limestone. Your guide will escort you on a fascinating exploration of the catacombs. During World War II, the catacombs were used as an underground fort by the Soviet army. Visit the World War II command post, discover historic photographs and learn about the defense of the catacombs at the local museum.

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