Batumi Sightseeing

Discover the Black Sea together!

Discover the Black Sea together!

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Batumi Sightseeing

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Duration: 8 hours
Walking: medium


The tour starts with a visit to Gonio Fortress, which is situated at the distance of 12 kilometers from Batumi, near the Turkish border. It was built in the first century by the Romans and was one of the main forts on the Black Sea coast. The fortress is connected with the trip of Argonauts in Kolkheti (it was Georgia that the Argonauts took the Golden Fleece from). The fortress was occupied intermittently by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Turkish and the Georgians.

From the fortress the coach takes you to the State museum of Batumi, including Gold Treasury. It houses a lot of items mainly having been found near the town-fortress of Gonio. Collection of gold things: ear-rings, brooches, rings, beads, bracelets, pendants, chains, medallion, bowls. Continue to local restaurant to enjoy the delights of Georgian cuisine. Fresh ingredients, elaborate recipes, a great variety of fruit and vegetables and, of course, great cooks make Georgian food incomparable.

Enjoy lunch accompanied by lively folk performance. After lunch proceed to the unique Batumi Botanical Gardens, founded in 1912 by the famous Russian biologist Andrey Krasnov. The gardens are situated 9 kilometers from Batumi. The garden has Japanese, Australian, Himalayan, American, Caucasian and many other departments. It boasts up to 5000 different plant species. Return back to port.

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